Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream – Review

fresh lotus youth preserve eye cream

I bought this eye cream at the beginning of lockdown. I have never managed to keep to a routine with eye cream, even though I’m obsessed with getting wrinkles! I thought, if I splash out on an eye cream, I’m going to have to use it, because it’ll just kill me having a £40 cream just sat there! I was right! I’ve kept up the routine now, morning and evening – what a result!

fresh lotus youth preserve eye cream

I’ve used this for 4 months now & I’ve still got a good bit left in it. It’s white & creamy in texture. I’ve been using this every evening. I don’t use it in the morning as I’ve been using The Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution in the mornings to try & kill these dark circles (review here)!

This eye cream hydrates, increases radiance & has antioxidant protection. It’s meant to strengthen the eye area & minimise the appearance of puffiness. It’s also got horse chesnut flower extract in to smooth fine lines! I don’t really suffer from puffiness – it’s just wrinkles & dark circles with me!

After the first 3 weeks of using this, I actually stopped. I was bloody pissed off! I didn’t notice any change at all & I’d just dropped 40 frigging quid on it.

3 days later I skulked back to it on my counter in the bathroom…Turns out it had been doing something & I’d really noticed the difference after just 3 days of stopping using it – oops! I couldn’t believe how different my undereyes felt when I stopped using it! It had been really smoothing away my fine lines & hydrating that delicate area amazingly! When I stopped, the lines were back to being prominent again – I guess over-analysing your face everyday makes you immune to noticing little differences over time!

I very rarely used to wear concealer – it always caked under my eyes & settled into the fine lines – this made me look a million times more tired & aged me awfully! Since using this cream, I tentatively gave concealer a go & lo & behold, it sat amazingly! There was no pilling, caking or settling into any lines of any kind! My undereye just needed a bit of TLC, I’d clearly done too much scrubbing & rubbing & not enough hydrating & moisturising!

I’d definitely re-purchase this eye cream in a heart beat. It is well worth the £40 price tag – especially if you suffer with dehydrated undereyes. If you feel like you’re looking a little aged around the eye area, it might just simply be that you need a moisturising cream to plump you back up! I’d seriously recommend it if you don’t give your undereyes any love at the moment!

Have you tried this one before? Or what eye cream do you swear by?!


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