Pixi Beauty Fortifeye Eye Patches – Review

pixi fortifeye patches

I’d been dying to try these for a while before I actually picked them up. I was always put off by the £22 price tag. I found them for 50% off in Boots one day, so I couldn’t leave them there!

Pixi do 3 types of eye patches: Fortifeye, Detoxifeye & Beautifeye – I’m reviewing the first – Fortifeye.

pixi fortifeye eye patches

These gel patches come in 30 pairs with a mini spatula to easily separate them without having to get grubby fingers into the pot! They are absolutely saturated in product – they’re not stingy with it at all! The patches are extremely thin, You can quite easily put a nail through them if you’re not careful when applying – so take care!

The patches contain acacia collagen to plump the undereye area & boost elasticity, caffeine to de-puff & energise & peptides to firm & revitalise.

I am a big fan of these, I must admit! They feel like a little luxury treatment whenever I use them, which is around 2-3 times per week. You can actually use them daily, but I have been trying to refrain from getting into that habit! You are supposed to leave on for 10 minutes & then massage the remaining product into your skin without any need to rinse.

After using these, my undereye area has felt super hydrated & soothed. It’s a very delicate area so it does need a little more attention than the rest of your face. I think over a longer period of time too, it may also help to diminish the look of dark circles due to the caffeine in it – extra bonus!

I’d definitely recommend treating yourself to these if you’ve been considering getting them. They are definitely a nice addition to your routine, whether it’s in the morning or evening! I love using them & they definitely make me feel & look more awake after using them, especially if my eyes are feeling tired & heavy!

Have you tried these before & have they become a staple in your routine now?


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