Seborrheic Dermatitis

I decided to do some research & write up a post on seborrheic dermatitis. My friend, Rosie came to me for some help a few days ago & I was absolutely gutted when I didn’t have any suggestions for her as I’d never really read up on this condition. I’m well versed in all things acne & day to day skincare, but I wanted to broaden my knowledge & put together a few things I’ve learned. I’m not qualified nor am I a Dr, so before you do try any remedies, creams or washes that are mentioned in this post, please do consult your GP or dermatologist before putting anything new on your skin – especially open wounds!

I’ve learned that seborrheic dermatitis mainly affects your scalp – you may know it as dandruff! Who knew the same condition could be found elsewhere on the body! It is a fungal infection, so normally thrives & affects oily areas of the body such as your chest or different parts of your face such as the sides of your snout, eyelids, eyebrows & sometimes your ears.

You may find your skin is red, scaly & flares up if you are feeling extra stressed or in cold weather. I absolutely hate the stress thing because it feels like a vicious circle doesn’t it?! You’re stressed because of the sores, which then get worse because you’re stressed, but that in turn makes you even more stressed!

It can sometimes go away without any treatment at all, but a lot of times it is a permanent thing. It could come & go.

A few home remedies I’ve seen suggested online:

  • apple cider vinegar. This stuff seems to cure anything & everything! They do say to dilute it before applying to your skin 2 parts water to 1 part ACV. You could also soak a cotton pad in water & then apply ACV to it & then carefully swipe over your face.
  • Tea tree oil – you must dilute this with a carrier oil. Tea tree oil is a great anti-bacterial oil but it can cause irritation if you apply direct to skin. Possibly try mixing with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or rosehip oil? These are known for being soothing to the skin.
  • Avoiding skincare products with alcohol listed as an ingredient! Sorry y’all, read through all your products just to make sure! Alcohol is very drying to skin & can strip it of it’s natural oils etc too.
  • Mixing baking soda into a paste – I haven’t seen much on this, so do be careful when trying this. Although I used this method 2 days ago on my arm as I’d brushed up against stinging nettles & the paste instantly took the prickling, stinging feeling away & even soothed the bumps!
  • Spicy & citrus foods can cause flare ups – keep a food diary to see if this has any impact on your dermatitis.
  • Manuka honey – this has extremely amazing anti-bacterial properties. I use this as a mask once a week at least. It can be quite pricey, but it is most definitely worth it.

Never put olive oil on your skin if you have seborrheic dermatitis – it can actually help some fungus grow & as this dermatitis is a fungul infection, let’s maybe keep the olive oil just for cooking!

Salicylic acid can help – this shocked me as I thought this could possibly inflame or irritate it, but who knew?! Maybe try a patch test first! Or like I said at the start, consult your GP first – they might prescribe a steroid cream to begin with for short term relief.

Cerave hydrating cleanser has been praised by people who suffer with seborrheic dermatitis – this might be great, especially if you wear makeup daily & are struggling to find something that doesn’t cause it to flare up!

Introduce a fish oil supplement into your daily routine. Omega 3 is fucking amazing for improving the skin barrier & sealing in moisture.

I hope this has helped at least 1 person who is trawling the internet looking for information on this! Like I said, I’m in no way a professional, I just wanted to gather some information & put it in a clear post all in one place!

Rosie has also given her side of her story & has kindly let me use some photos too.

Rosie has since spoken to a dermatologist over webcam & has been recommended a skincare routine using the brand Neostrata. She is going to update me with how it works with her skin!


Rosie has been on Elidel from the Dr’s to be used for two weeks & these are her results after using the new routine & this cream…

How amazing?!! I’m so pleased for her!

7 thoughts on “Seborrheic Dermatitis”

  1. This is so helpful! Thank you! I have it as well and it often makes me cry because of how bad it gets. Will try your recommendations. ^_^ I would like to see a doctor, but where I live it’s extremely expensive, therefore internet advice is the better optiom for me. Sending you hugs and looking forward to your future posts. 🤗❤

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