Sheet Mask Review – Part 2

Here it is… Round 2 of my sheet mask reviews! Find part 1 here!

nip and fab sheet mask

This Ultra Illuminating & Dewy sheet mask says it will illuminate & smooth your skin. The first thing I noticed was the abundance of product in this little packet! Lots of extra liquid to pour out and massage into your neck etc! The mask has a metallic silver colour to the outside of it. One problem though – it’s a very thick mask because of this & doesn’t sit well on the face at all. It kept sliding off & didn’t stay on my chin – how annoying! This is supposed to be a ‘priming’ mask – basically you use this before you apply your makeup. I personally wouldn’t put makeup on before rinsing my skin – it did feel a little slimy after – a little hydrated too though! My redness was still visible, it didn’t soothe that either. 6/10 – possibly great for dry skin types!

sheet mask

I found these masks in TK Maxx a few weeks back. They looked like the kind of mask I’d use on a ‘rest day’ when I’m not using acids or treatments etc & I just want to hydrate my skin. After using this, my redness did look soothed to be fair. My skin didn’t feel as hydrated as I thought it would judging by the front of the mask! There’s no scent to this mask which is great for people who are sensitive to perfumed smells! 6/10 – it did feel nice on the skin, but nothing exciting happened.

nip and fab glycolic acid

I tried the extreme version of the Nip & Fab Glycolic Acid range mask this time. This sheet mask is black in colour & bubbles up once applied to the skin. It felt super tingly during the 15 minutes it was on my face. My skin was a little pink after using this, but it did look very smooth. My pores didn’t seem to look any different at first which I was disappointed about, but they did actually ‘tighten up’ throughout the evening – I noticed when I looked in the mirror before jumping into bed. My skin looked flawless the next morning & a spot that had been angrily brewing under the surface had reduced in size. 9/10 – did lots of noticeable things to my skin & would definitely use regularly.

dr jart sheet mask

I’m going to be honest & say I have no idea why I picked up this sheet mask. I don’t really suffer with laughter lines at all! But I do love Dr Jart, so I was probably attracted to that rather than the actual mask! This mask is amazing to fit to your skin. If you notice the little picture in the bottom right of the photo, the mask just covers the bottom half of your face. It’s very thick, but it has an almost sticky feel to it. You smooth it onto your skin & it is literally going no where. You have to peel it off your face, it doesn’t slip & slide around! My skin did feel a little tighter after using this, but obviously, as I have no laughter lines, there was nothing to get rid off! 8/10 – I do think this would be effective if you’re conscious of wrinkles in that area. Plus bonus points for it sticking to your face!

This is very similar to the first Nip & Fab sheet mask on this review. Instead of dewy however, it is a pore minimising mask. Again, this had a metallic finish to it – gold instead of silver this time – so I had the same problem with it sagging & not sitting right on my face. My skin did look smoother overall after using this – especially my nose area. My pores didn’t look like they’d been minimised at all, my redness didn’t reduce, but my skin did feel silky smooth! I could see myself applying makeup after using this one much more than the first one. 7/10 – it did do good things, apart from the one thing it’s titled to do – minimise my pores! But would definitely use again!

So that’s my next lot of sheet mask reviews! Have you tried any of these & got different outcomes? I’d love to know if you have! Better get onto my next batch of masks!


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