Wicked Gummy Co Vitamins – Review

wicked gummy co vitamins

Wicked Gummy Co very kindly gifted me these vitamins several weeks back for me to try out. I am absolutely freaking awful at taking tablets – it takes me several attempts to swallow them down & sometimes I can’t manage it before it starts to fizzle and disintegrate on my tongue!

Wicked Gummy Co actually started due to the founders realising how many people around the world suffer from dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) & pill fatigue (needing to take multiple pills everyday). They proudly shout out that they are 100% vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, allergen free & non-GMO.

They do a multitude of vitamins – I’m reviewing just two of them today.

The first one that piqued my interest were the Peaceful Zzzzz gummies. I’ve suffered with anxiety for the past 6 years & within the last 2 years I’d say I’ve finally got it under control, but I still cannot just ‘fall asleep’ when I get into bed at night. I literally envy anyone (my husband!) who says they are going to bed & just nods off as soon as their head hits the pillow. My mind is filled with constant thoughts running round & round & round for at least 2/3 hours every night once I’m in bed – even if I’m not worrying about anything in particular! Drives me insane. The blend in this gummy is supposed to help your body increase seratonin levels, but before we get into that, can I just say how freaking tasty these are! They are passion fruit flavoured – they don’t have a ‘false sweet’ taste, they are full of flavour!

I take 2 of these each night an hour before I jump into bed. They contain passiflora & valerian root – passiflora is a herbal supplement suggested for anxiety sufferers & valerian root is known to help with a host of problems such as insomnia, digestive problems, menopause symptoms, post workout muscle pain & anxiety.

These have changed. My. Life. No frigging joke. I was out like a light within an hour – I’d say within 40 minutes! I only woke up when my alarm went off at 7am instead of sat there staring at it from 6am. I must admit, the first 4/5 days, when I was woken by my alarm, I felt super groggy, but I put that down to actually having a full night sleep instead of in & out like I usually am. I’ve been having the best nights sleep of my life since having these in my routine! I’m less & less groggy in the mornings now too, just having a good night sleep is a miracle for me!

The next vitamins I chose were the Iron gummies. I’ve got to start again by saying the taste on these is also to die for! These ones are peach flavoured! 2 of these a day contain 100% of your guideline daily amount of iron.

I’ve suffered with iron deficiency since I was 7. Again, I’ve had this under control since I was around 20, but I still get moments where I can feel it dipping. The symptoms I get are chest pains, cramps all the way up my legs & in my hands & I just feel a little fatigued during the day. Each persons symptoms can be different.

I know it’s hard to gauge whether a vitamin is actually helping or not with things like this because you can’t exactly give yourself a blood test to check levels before, during & after! I will say that I’ve had none of my symptoms at all so far, which is great! I’m going to continue taking these & hopefully they keep my levels where they need to be!

Even though these were gifted, I literally cannot sing their praises enough – I’ve actually placed another order since & stocked up on my Peaceful Zzzzz gummies. I also ordered the vitamin D & happy tummy gummies to incorporate into my routine too.

Check them out here!!


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