Tried & Tested Foundations

So I thought I’d share with you in one post a few of the different foundations I’ve tried in my time. These are the ones that have stuck in my mind for better or worse! PS, so of these pics are ones I’ve dug out of the archives, so they might not be in best condition!

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

This one I tried around 4-5 years ago at first, when I was looking for an affordable, everyday foundation. I really liked this one, although the only gripe I had was that I was using the lightest shade & it was still a touch too dark for my fair skin. I think they’ve expanded their shades now. This foundation blurred my pores & gave a satin, skin-like finish. It wasn’t cakey – definitely more natural looking whilst also giving a full coverage. 7/10 as oily skin doesn’t really stand a chance at this for an all-day-er.

Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation

This one shocked me. I must have bought this around 3 years ago in shade 42, took a guess online – slightly too pale for me – great shade range. It’s aimed at oily skin, but Jesus Christ, this one was so freaking dry. I have oily skin & it sank into all my pores, accentuated my flaky patches & just seemed to separate throughout the day – it never blended well. I ended up mixing this with a more dewy foundation to get it to blend better. It was $42 – I wasn’t letting it sit there going to waste! 4/10 – maybe if you suffer with extreme, excess oil production, this would be a God send? Also a lot of controversy around her at the mo.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Literally have nothing bad to say about this foundation – sorry. Gave an absolute gorge finish, oil didn’t come through, it didn’t go patchy, it lasted all day, was the perfect tone for my skin – I could go on forever. I so wanted this to be shit – it’s £40!!!! But sadly, it was a winner. I only ever bought this once. As much as it was great, I couldn’t justify spending £40 every 6 weeks or so on a foundation! 9/10 – perfect for a treat, or saving for events/nights out!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

I don’t even have a photo of this foundation for myself. I think I binned it after the first use. This one will be burnt into my mind forever. If you’re cool toned (pink undertones) – stay away from this foundation! It made my skin look yellow, it was shiny as fuck, it slid around my face & generally made my skin look ultra shit. I put it on to go out for a meal, got to my parents & took a look in the mirror & remember bursting into tears because my face looked so bad (it was already full of redness & spots, this just highlighted everything by a million). 1/10 due to my experience – plenty of warm toned people rave about this!

Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Foundation

The foundation I am currently using. Perfect for everyday use, buildable for evenings out & really stays in place for the day. The only problem I have with this is that I had to go down a shade in this MAC foundation – I’m normally NW15, but this one is a NW13, as the 15 was coming out super orange on my skin even though it was NW – weird. I have no other problems with this really! 9/10 – can’t fault the price or ease of application either.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Excuse the piss-poor quality of this photo, Lord knows what I was doing. This is a classic – I think everyone will agree? I flit back & forth to this one all the time. I use shade 1W1 Cool Bone & it is the most perfect shade I’ve ever used in any foundation. I personally find I can only apply it smoothly with a sponge rather than a brush, but it is super easy to build coverage. If you’ve got scarring or texture etc, this will cover everything. Again, the price hurts my soul slightly – think it’s around £34. 8/10 – great, but it does sink into fine lines over time.

So there’s a few foundations I’ve used over time! My ultimate favourite, favourite foundation ever was MAC Pro Long Wear foundation. It actually got discontinued last year & I was so freaking heartbroken about it. Nothing in this list compares to Pro Long Wear. It was absolutely perfect for me. I’m still on a quest to find one that lives up to it, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! I’m a fair-skinned, oily/combination gal!


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