Benefit Cosmetics Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer – Review

Benefit cosmetics stay flawless 15 hour primer

Let me first give you the story behind the titchy size of this product… There I was, scrolling through TK Maxx’s website, trying to get my bargain fix during lockdown – when I stumbled across this! £5.99 – absolute steal, considering it’s normally £27! So I (metaphorically) launch it into my basket. 4 days later, my parcel gets delivered – I should have read the description. It wasn’t the full-sized product I’d expected, it was a miniature! What the fuck?! What an absolute idiot!

Oh well, it’s the perfect size for me to sample! So this is a stick primer that you apply straight to your face. I actually found this quite handy! I’d assume it’s a lot quicker using the full size version, but this did the job! It instantly blurred my skin! My pores looked less visible & my skin just looked super smooth – a great start! I found I couldn’t rub it into my skin once I’d drawn it on, it didn’t really move around much, so it’s best just to apply & leave.

After applying foundation & the rest of my routine, I could certainly still see a difference in the finish. My skin looked frigging flawless! It feels lightweight too, it doesn’t feel like I’ve got anything extra on my skin. I thought it would seeing as I applied it straight with the stick.

I’ve been wearing this for around 2 weeks now. My forehead, cheeks & nose stay absolutely flawless all day long – it’s amazing! But there is a downfall… My chin & upper lip look horrendous! My makeup has been separating, going patchy & looking super oily – I have no idea why this is, because usually if this happens, it’ll happen on my forehead and snout too! So weird!

Because of this, I’m slightly disappointed. I’m now in two minds whether to purchase the full size. On one hand, the majority of my face looks the most flawless it’s ever been. On the other, my chin is killing me to look at in the mirror at the end of the day! I might just have to apply a different primer to that area – but is it really worth buying it if I have to end up doing this?!

Have you tried this primer? How did you get on with it?


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