Nip & Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Lip Mask – Review

nip and fab dragons blood lip mask

My lips have been super chapped lately! No idea why – probably the shock of going outside after 3 months of lockdown. I haven’t really dabbled with the Dragon’s Blood range from Nip & Fab – I’ve used all of their other ranges! These lip masks are £8 for 3 masks on their website or in Boots. I actually spied mine in TK Maxx & nabbed them for £3.99 – YAAAAS!

These lip masks contain edelweiss extract which reduces the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, coconut water to soothe any irritation & Dragon’s Blood – sap from the Croton Lechleri tree that acts as a second skin, hydrates & soothes!

nip and fab dragons blood lip mask

So this is what it looks like. Well, nearly. This is the protective fabric sheet – there’s two that sit either side of the lip mask. So I peeled one off, then slapped it on my lips, then peeled the top protective sheet off when it was on my face. This was a good idea as I then tried to peel it off to reposition it – this didn’t go well. It decided to wrap itself into a ball and be a bitch to unravel to it’s correct shape. I ended up unravelling it as best as I could and making sure it covered all my lips, I was so mad at myself! So do not try to move it once it’s on your face!

The idea here is to leave it sit for 15 minutes & then peel off. I used this in conjunction with a full sheet mask for my face to make the most of my time!

When I first peeled it off, I was a little disappointed. My lips didn’t feel moisturised nor ‘hydrated.’ But a couple minutes later I realised that I no longer had any chapped bits & all the dead skin was gone! It’s obviously not going to feel like you’ve applied a lip balm, which is what I expected – no idea why, but it does do it’s job. It injects (not literally) a powerful shot of hydration & moisture in a short space of time – genius!

I then went onto apply my normal lip balm & my lips definitely feel better. There’s no skin flapping around & they feel super smooth! I’m amazed! I’ll definitely use these once a week – I think that’d be enough, just to keep on top of them!

Have you used these before? Or do you use a different lip mask? Let me know so I can explore as I’ve only tried 1 or 2 different lip masks in the past!

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