Foamie Shampoo Bar – Review

foamie shampoo bar

I absolutely love a shampoo bar – I’ve used a few different ones in the past, but never got to actually finish using them as they normally go squishy or fall apart! This one stood out to me as it actually has a piece of rope attached to it so you can hang it up to dry:

foamie shampoo bar

What a good idea?! This is the first product I’ve ever used from Foamie – as soon as it arrived & I ripped open the bag, I could smell it! The scent is amazing! I bought it in coconut as that was for normal hair types. It also comes in hibiscus for damaged hair & aloe vera for dry hair. They are £6.99 for a bar & are supposed to last 25 washes. You can also subscribe & save on their website (not affiliated) for multiple bars.

The first benefit to this is obviously to the environment. There’s no plastic bottle to dispose of at the end. It came in a cardboard box that you can recycle. I believe the rope is also bio-degradable (correct me if I’m wrong).

This shampoo bar lathers up amazingly – I’ve tried lathering it up in my hands & rubbing straight on my hair – I preferred lathering into my hands first, I felt it produced more product this way. The one thing that does take getting used to is that it doesn’t lather up no where near as much as some shampoos, but I think that’s because there’s no silicones or soap – which is a great thing! It also has a pH of 5.5 – which they say is optimized to your hair & scalp!

My hair literally feels squeaky clean when I use this – I absolutely love squeezing the excess water out & feeling how clean it is! Once my hair is dry, I can really tell the difference – the coconut oil makes my hair feel silky smooth, but it’s not weighed down at all. My hair is thin & long, so it’s easy for it to get dragged down with product, but it doesn’t happen with this – praise the lord!

I’d definitely recommend this – especially great if you travel a lot. The rope means I can hang it on my shower & it dries out perfectly – I haven’t had any squishy-ness yet from it! The scent also makes me feel like I’m on holiday! Winner!

Have you tried shampoo bars? How do you get on with them?


1 thought on “Foamie Shampoo Bar – Review”

  1. I’ve been using shampoo bar for a while. All different brands. I found it took about 2 weeks for my hair to get used to the change. I wouldn’t go back to bottled shampoo.

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