Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads (Extreme) – Review

Nip & Fab extreme glycolic fix pads

I think this product is the first thing I bought with acids in when I first got into chemical exfoliants etc. I actually found them in TK Maxx, but then did go on to purchase them at Boots & Nip & Fab website.

These pads contain 5% glycolic acid which exfoliates the skin & can reduce the look of scarring – you can get the pads with a lower amount in – this is the extreme range. As well as glycolic acid, it contains salicylic acid to unclog pores, lactic acid to remove dead skin cells & even out skin tone & also hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. There is 60 pads in a pot & you are supposed to use them only 2-3 nights per week.

Nip & Fab extreme glycolic fix pads

They literally just look like thin cotton pads, soaked in the solution. I’d cleanse my face & remove all makeup, then actually use these pads as my toner. I leave it soak in for around 3-4 minutes, then apply the rest of my routine for bedtime.

As soon as I started using these pads, I noticed a difference right away. They tightened my very visible pores, got rid of the blackheads on my chin & I even woke up to less redness & more smooth skin! The first time I used them, my face did feel a little tingly & my skin did go bright red. I panicked as I’d never used acids before & thought I’d lost my face forever, but alas – I was being over-dramatic, my face was still in tact the next morning.

These changed the game for myself & my skincare routine. All of a sudden, I realised I could get even better results just at home. I ended up using them every other night as my skin got accustomed to them.

If you want to try something at home to smooth your skin out or if your pores are killing your soul – give these a go. In fact, Nip & Fab’s whole Glycolic range is to die for. The scent of the whole range smells quite fruit & pleasant. Their sheet masks are also amazing for a quick fix! These pads are usually £18 for 60 pads, but even looking on Nip & Fabs website now, I can see they’re on offer for £10! Bargain! Clicking the banner below will take you through to their site (affiliated link) – they always have amazing discounts & bundle deals on, just keep your eyes peeled for them!

Have you tried these before? Or are you a fan of one of Nip & Fabs other ranges?


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