Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Treatment Primer – Review

Boscia porefecting white charcoal mattifying treatment primer

I found this in TK Maxx one day for £3.99 whilst browsing their skincare & makeup aisle (fave pastime ever…). Boscia is sold everywhere in America & is very well known – here it only just seems to be picking up in the last 12 months – Boots now stock this brand!

On their website, this is selling for $38 – what the fuck?! I got an absolute bargain! Keep your eyes peeled in TK y’all! This primer is aimed at those with oily skin. It’s preservative-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free & vegan! It’s got quite a minty scent to it, although I think it’s the witch hazel as it’s not a true mint smell – refreshing though!

Sample boscia white charcoal primer

It’s milky-white in texture & when I first applied this, I was completely freaking amazed. It smoothed my skin out so it looked like I had a filter on & it mattified it without it looking dry or flaky! I applied my foundation over it & honestly my skin never looked more amazing, it was completely flawless!

3-4 hours later, the disappointment set in… I happened to glance in the mirror at work & my whole upper lip was flaking off?! I managed to wipe it with a tissue & smooth it out, but you could see where there was & wasn’t any foundation on my face now. By the end of the day, it had happened to my chin as well – my sister saw it & said she wanted to cry because she thought my skin was flaking off & she felt that bad for me!

The next time, I tried an extremely thin layer on my skin instead. Again, it flaked & peeled off everywhere, even my nose as well this time! I couldn’t trust it again after this – it really made me paranoid & I was checking myself in the mirror every 10 minutes just to make sure my face wasn’t falling off!

I think if you suffer with acne or have extremely oily skin – this would be an absolute godsend y’all. It really smoothes out skin & calms down the look of redness & to be fair, no shine came through my makeup all day when I did wear it. I’m just so gutted it flaked all my makeup off – especially as it made my skin look incredible!

So if you’re in dire need of an extreme oil control primer – look no further! If not, don’t bother! How bloody annoying!

Have you tried this? Did the same thing happen to you?


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