Garnier Fresh Lemongrass Detox Gel Wash

Photo of Garnier Lemongrass Detox Gel Wash

Before I start this review, I want to start by saying, I think I’ve tried every cleanser known to man. If you are also like this, please let me know I’m not alone!

I picked up this cleanser originally because I absolutely love essential oils & lemongrass is such a refreshing scent! Garnier came out with a whole range dedicated to all things organic and vegan. This bottle is also made from 100% recycled plastic which is pretty cool!

This wash is aimed at people with normal/combination skin which feels quite accurate from my experience. It’s a clear gel wash and lathers up amazingly when you start to massage it into your skin. The smell is to die for – it really feels like a spa experience every time I use it – especially in the mornings, it’s really refreshing and a good wake up!

I’ve tried this cleanser a couple different ways. I first started using this in the mornings just as a refreshing wash – that was amazing. It made my skin feel really clean & ready to apply my next steps in my routine. It didn’t leave my skin feeling tight nor did it leave any residue either – good start!

I then tried it one evening as a makeup remover – not so great. At least, not on its own. When I used it as a makeup remover, there were still patches of foundation/powder left on my skin, especially on my chin and in my fine lines around my outer eye area. Doing another cleanse, I took off so much more makeup! I normally double cleanse, however the first cleanse is meant to take off most of the makeup so I don’t have to do a harsh scrubbing twice.

I moved it back to my second cleanser. So I used a different cleanser for makeup removal, then applied this afterwards as a soothing wash just to remove any residue or little leftover makeup – worked like a charm! It softened my skin and did a great job of a second cleanser without drying me out or leaving anything behind.

So this cleanser is great if 1, you are looking for a light morning cleanser just to freshen up, or 2, a soothing second cleanser. I also use it in the evening as a one off cleanse if I’ve had a no makeup day – again, just to freshen up.

The price ranges from around £3.99 to £5.99, depending if it’s on offer, I’ll be honest, I have repurchased it at the full price this time, because I do think it’s worth it – it’s still a bargain.

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