& Other Stories Body Jelly

It hasn’t been until lockdown began that I have started up a regular routine of moisturising my body. I’ve never got into a routine before because firstly, it feels like it takes so much time to do it! And secondly, there is nothing worse than feeling slimy or damp after using a moisturiser fresh out the shower – I end up feeling like I never washed to begin with! Now, especially after I’ve been in the sun all day, I make it a job I do every evening after a bath/shower. I wanted to branch out a little as the only body moisturiser I was using before was The Body Shops Body Yoghurt in Rose. That is my all time favourite as it dries extremely quickly and doesn’t feel like I’ve moisturised – just how I like it!

I ordered this moisturiser off ASOS for £13 for 250ml, as I was intrigued that it was called a Body Jelly. I imagined that it would be a clear, gel formula – definitely something that would soak in instantly!

You can imagine my initial disappointment when I first opened the tub…

This definitely is not a ‘jelly’ or a ‘gel.’ I’m definitely not blaming the brand – I just jumped to conclusions! The second thing I noticed when I opened the tub (after the bitter disappointment at seeing a cream…) was the amazing scent! I actually went onto ‘& Other Stories’ website to see if I could track down the description of the scent as it is so hard to describe!

Here’s what I found:

Top notes: Fresh cotton, watermelon.

Heart notes: Dewy apple blossom, Ocean Orchid, Spring Lilac.

Base notes: White cedarwood, liquid musks.

Before I found this, nothing could beat the fresh rose scent of The Body Shops yoghurt. This has definitely surpassed it! It’s such a fresh scent, not overpowering – but definitely lingers a couple hours after application – it would be dreamy to apply before a night out for a light, natural scent.

So I begrudgingly applied this moisturiser the first evening I received it – I wasn’t letting £13 go to waste! I was surprised…

This creamy formula sunk straight into my skin with very little effort. I rubbed it into my legs, arms, chest and stomach and it gave such a gorge glow to my skin as well! I had a little patch of psoriasis on my upper arm (I get small patches with stress, nothing huge), and it did not aggravate it at all, in fact the patch went away by the next day! I’m not claiming this to be the cure to psoriasis as I do not get it severe at all!

It’s kept my skin in amazing condition and I’ve had no breakouts on my chest either from using it – normally that’s where I’ll breakout if a product is too strong in ingredients or perfume etc. I feel silky smooth and smell amazing!

After my initial disappointment, I’m glad I was ignorant to what this moisturiser actually was, otherwise I’d have never bought it to begin with. I use this every evening now and would definitely re-purchase once I’ve used it all – just for the scent!

You can find it on ASOS and on their own website & Other Stories – neither links are affiliated, just put there for ease of location.

They also do a body scrub, hand lotion, body mist, hand wash etc in the same collection, but it’s the discovery of the body mist that’s excited me! I really hope it smells like this moisturiser!

Let me know if you’ve tried this range before, or if you’re excited to try it once you’ve used your own stash up!

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