AlumierMD Enzymatic Peel


If you have never heard of AlumierMD before, let me first give you a little info. AlumierMD is a skincare brand created with medical grade ingredients. They do a range of products to target each skin type as they believe with skincare, “one size does not fit all,” and rightly so. The name Alumier comes from the word illuminate!

I was first introduced to Alumier 12 months ago when I noticed my local salon (Salt Hair & Beauty, Milford Haven) were offering facials and controlled chemical peels – something I’ve always been intrigued by, but that’s for another post! Alex, my skin expert suggested a range of products I could start incorporating into my daily routine. Enzymatic Peel didn’t actually come into play until 8/9 weeks ago – slightly after lockdown began!

I normally aim to get a chemical peel every 4-6 weeks, but obviously since lockdown began, this year-long, perfected routine was thrown out the window, and I panicked! Luckily, Alex messaged me (as if she read my mind…) and told me AlumierMD do a product that is basically a lighter peel, which is safe to do at home by yourself. Of course I jumped at this! Anything to keep my skin tip top! I must leave a disclaimer now – due to myself being furloughed from work and generally being an anxious person who hates change, this stress obviously showed up by ruining my skin! WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE SKIN?!!

So this is the texture of the Enzymatic Peel. It is classed as an exfoliant – a chemical one, rather than a manual one that would normally contain rough particles to scrub your skin. It contains 10% lactic acid with fruit enzymes – this is the exfoliant. This will promote skin renewal, whilst minimising the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines & hyperpigmentation. There is also aloe vera & vitamin B5 to hydrate & soften the skin.

So the instructions say to apply a layer to your face and neck once per week in the evening and leave for 3-5 minutes. I obviously like to keep mine on for the full five minutes as I like to feel the burn! If it’s your first time using or you feel your face getting warm/uncomfortable, then wash it off a little earlier and try and build yourself up each week. When it is applied, it will have a tingling feeling and your face will go slightly pink. When it’s washed off, my face does go bright red – this redness usually goes down within 30 minutes maximum!

After using this, my face feels super soft and clean, my pores are also less visible and it kills any spots that might have been thinking of appearing, but have been lurking under the skin. When I first used it, I did get a tiny purge of spots on my chin, which is completely normal, but I no longer get this as I use it once a week without fail.

The following photo is a before and after. The first photo was about a week after lockdown began. I’d had a few meltdowns, I was stressed to the max and to top it off, I wasn’t even wearing makeup, so I was ultra depressed about my skin. I’d also hadn’t had a peel for 7 weeks at this point. The second photo is after using the Enzymatic Peel TWICE. I do use other product by AlumierMD alongside this peel, I will no doubt be posting about these along the way too.

This peel has changed my life during lockdown! I cannot wait to get back to the salon and get my stronger Glow Peel – but for now, this is doing the job and keeping my skin clear. It costs £64.50 for a 90ml tube. Sounds pricey when you first look, but if you think – you only use this peel once per week maximum. You can also alternate to do it fortnightly, especially if you have sensitive skin to begin with. I can see this tube lasting anywhere between 6-8 months. Don’t forget to always apply sunscreen to your face too!

If you want a consultation or want to talk through your skin concerns, Alex the skin expert is actually completing these over the internet. You can also order your suggested products through her and have them delivered straight to your door!

Get in contact with Alex at Salt here:

Instagram – @salt__beauty – you can direct message.


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