Wow. It has most certainly been a while since I’ve updated this blog! I have definitely neglected it! It’s been about three years, so I thought I’d break myself in gently with the reviews and do something simple and relevent to what we’re currently going through (covid I’m looking at you!)!

I first came across Spacemasks in one of my Birchbox’s I received earlier on in the year. It was a square packet with a full on eye mask inside, and I was very intrigued! The jasmine scent it claimed to have, instantly drew me in. I love any scents to do with chilling out, lowering stress levels – I’m all over it!


I must say now – these photos are of the full size box that I purchased after sampling the sachet I received in Birchbox.

So Spacemasks come in a box of five masks for £15, or you can actually subscribe and receive seven spacemasks for £20 per month!

So, as the instructions say, open one of the sachets when you are relaxed and ready to use one. This part is important because as soon as you open the packet, the masks do start heating up and last for around 15 minutes. Don’t open one just as you’re about to go out the door to run errands! These are one time use masks!

You can smell the jasmine as soon as you rip open the sachet and it is amazing! The masks are amazingly thick and make it feel like a shame to discard of once using! The material that rests against your eyes and skin is supersoft – I actually fell asleep in bed with one as I like to use them before I go to sleep, and I woke up in the morning with it still on my face! It wasn’t annoying or uncomfortable in any way.


In my experience, these masks did help me fall asleep a lot quicker – which is a miracle for an anxiety ridden person like myself! The scent was really relaxing and they come in super cute packaging which is definitely a bonus!

Cost wise, they aren’t bad at £3 a mask if you purchase the pack of five, however they are definitely a luxury – not something to use every evening, which is a shame!

I would definitely re-purchase these for sure. They would also make really thoughtful gifts for a new mum, or a frontline worker too. I’ve linked their website HERE for you to visit – even if it’s just to see their really cool homepage! (Nothing is affiliated.)

I also just wanted to mention the amount this company has done during the Coronavirus outbreak. They have done numerous giveaways on their Instagram page and are currently selling a rose scented version where they will give £1 of each sale to The Royal Marsden Cancer charity, which is pretty awesome!

Let me know if you’ve tried these masks, or if I’ve twisted your arm to give in a buy a pack! You won’t be disappointed!


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