The Body Shop – Vitamin C Glow Revealing Peel

I bought this from one of my local Body Shop from home sales people when she had an offer on specific products. This peel is usually £18. I’d been eyeing it up, but wasn’t so sure on the price tag as it wasn’t a ‘necessity’ at the time. When I saw she had a limited number on sale to £12.50, I was delighted!

This gel to peel formula is aimed at dull, tired and grumpy skin. The Ph of the peel is supposed to help release surface cells on your skin. One pump is all you need to cover your whole face. You are supposed to rub it into your skin for around a minute, in which time you should be able to see your dead skin balling up with the peel as you go. This is very satisfying! I’ll even share some dead skin pics so you can share my satisfaction!

Bloody amazing right?! After rinsing the excess off with warm water and a flannel, my skin literally felt the smoothest ever! And I hadn’t even needed to use a harsh scrub to get that feeling! My skin did have a slight glow to it once I’d rinsed and pat dry, I also didn’t seem to have as much texture as I normally do!

This peel is to be used 2-3 times per week, and I’d totally recommend it if your skin is ultra sensitive to scrubs and exfoliators, but you feel you need a deep clean! It hasn’t brought me out in any redness and my skin feels much better after using this three times a week! It feels nice not to use any harsh exfoliators as often as I used to, to get that baby’s bum smooth feeling!


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