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Glamglow Bubble Sheet Mask

Glamglow have recently released a new one use bubble sheet face mask. There’s a lot of bubble face masks on the market at the moment, but I’ve still never actually tried any! As glamglow do free delivery on all orders, I thought I’d give this a shot. It cost me £7, and I also got to choose two free samples (gravity mud & luxury sample of volcasmic moisturiser)! £7 is quite pricey for a one use mask, but I wanted to see if it was actually worth it, as I love GlamGlow’s other face masks – I can actually see a difference when I use them.

So this is the masks. An opaque black sheet, which is saturated with the solution! It stuck to my face really well because of this, I had to do hardly any adjusting and it didn’t slip and slide everywhere either. The instructions are to place the mask on your face, bubbles should start forming after sixty seconds, and then to leave on for three minutes in total. After taking it off, I am to rub the remaining bubbles into my skin before rinsing.

The packaging actually says it removes makeup, but I did thoroughly cleanse before using this as I hate the thought of applying a face mask to clogged skin!

This is after three minutes! It did bubble up a LOT! I removed it after the three minutes and massaged the bubbles into my skin, which felt so soft and moisturising! After rinsing it off, my skin did feel squeaky clean! My pores had tightened up and my face felt ultra smooth!

If you have oily skin, this mask would be a perfect regular in your regime! I did have to put some face oil on after using this, as it did a good job of clearing my faces natural oils in the process! I’m not complaining about that, but just be careful if your skin isn’t overly oily to begin with! I found it did nothing for my redness, however it did make my face feel really clean. I think I’d use this once a month for one good clean, but it hasn’t done anything overly special to introduce to my regime weekly!


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