Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real Mascara

I received this mascara as a freebie from Superdrug when I spent over a certain amount on cosmetics. It’s usually £7.99 from Superdrug or Boots. The first thing I did when I received this was check the applicator. I hate a bristled applicator, I like them to be plastic and solid as I find they separate my lashes much better and I find hardly any clumping happens.

I LOVE this applicator! It’s a good solid applicator. The pigment is brilliant in this mascara too! A nice thick consistency without any lumps!

This is a photo of my lashes before I curl them or put any product on them. Please ignore the giant dark circles, this is what working 16 days in a row does to you!

This mascara made my lashes look so full and long! It was easy to reach the roots of my lashes with the applicator, it grabbed every lash.

I would highly recommend this mascara! It’s a bargain price and the applicator is amazing! I would say this rivals even Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara (£24)!! Worth a try for £7.99!


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