Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser


So I first started using this moisturiser when I was about 15, when my acne was at the top of its game! You can buy this from most places including, Boots, Superdrug & Tesco. I’ve found the cheapest place is Tesco at £2.75, although I got this on offer in Boots down to £2.50. This is quite a thick, white consistency, but as soon as you rub this into your skin, it absorbs almost immediately. It actually does hydrate my skin, which is a shock as usually ‘spot prone’ products make my skin feel quite dry and tight. This also has a cooling effect when applied. It makes your skin feel fresh and clean!

The reason I repurchased this product at the ripe old age of 24 was because of this:


This is one of my cheeks – the worst side. As well as the spots, my pores decided they would enlarge as much as they possibly could, which was just as depressing. Nothing covered this, everything sunk into the pores and my spots were huge and sore. The only thing I changed about my skincare was adding this moisturiser. I hate changing everything up as that can sometimes aggravate my skin ten times more. After 3 weeks of using this moisturiser day AND night, this was my result:


I KNOW RIGHT?! You can still see some of the scarring from the big spots on the top photo, but everything has mostly cleared up. My pores have shrunk slightly, you can still see them, but once I put foundation and powder on, they’re barely noticeable. I still get the odd giant spot (one chilling on my forehead right now), but mainly everything has stayed clear, thank the lord!

If you’re at the end of your tether, give this moisturiser a try – even if you just add it to your night time routine to begin with. Let me know if there’s one product that’s changed your skin for the best!


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