Soap & Glory – One Heck of a Blot Primer


I have had this primer a little over 6 months  now, and I’m just coming to the end of it. It has lasted me well. This primer cost me £10 from Boots, which I thought wasn’t a bad price considering you get a good 30ml in this product.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect face primer – or how many primers I’ve gone through – but this primer comes pretty damn close! It’s literally my favourite primer I have ever used. On the days I have oily skin to the days I have dry, scaly skin, it’s consistent outcome makes me trust it every time.

So firstly, it claims to have ‘pore shrink technology.’ I wouldn’t go as far to say it makes my pores completely disappear, as you can still clearly see them (I have large pores). However, it smooths the whole surface of my skin, making it look totally even and stops any makeup sinking into my pores, which is the worst look ever.

Secondly it says it also has ‘Shine-bloc 12 hour matte spheres.’ This does keep me looking the least oily throughout the day, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it lasts me 12 hours without needing a touch up. This doesn’t make my makeup separate for the whole day though, I will give it that. Even if I top up my face powder, nothing seems to go patchy at all when I use this primer.

So if you’re looking for a primer that will keep your makeup in place – you’ve found it. It might even turn out to be your Holy Grail product if you have normal-dry skin. If you’re on the more oily side like myself, you’ll still find you need to touch up throughout the day, but it will stop anything sinking into your pores or any makeup sliding around.

I’m still on the journey to find the perfect primer, but for now, this will do – it’s as close to perfect so far!



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