Tatcha Kyoto Cleanse Duo


So I bought this dreamy duo whilst out in New York in January (I did some serious damage at Sephora, let me tell you!). These two skincare products are miniature versions from the brand Tatcha. Tatcha is “Geisha inspired Japanese skincare.”


For $27, you receive 25ml of their one step camelia cleansing oil, 10g rice enzyme powder and a titchy 2ml sachet of their moisture rich silk cream.

This cleansing oil is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. I apply 5-6 pumps of this oil onto my fingertips and massage it onto my dry skin to loosen up all my makeup. I then remove it with a warm, damp flannel. This cleanser leaves zero residue behind. Even though it is an oil, there is no film of stickiness/oiliness left on my face after using it. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and completely makeup free! The downside of this is the amount you have to use to get a good cleanse on. If you were using this to freshen up your skin, 2 pumps would be sufficient enough. To get a comfortable cleanse, 5-6 pumps is the minimum I have to use. For a full size 150ml bottle of this cleanser, it is $48. Imagine how much I’d get through?!

The rice enzyme powder is nothing like anything I’ve ever used before. It’s a very finely milled powder that activates when you rub it on damp skin. Again, I use quite a bit of this each time to get good coverage. It doesn’t feel at all abrasive on the skin, but yet, when I rinse this off my face after massaging it in, my skin feels insanely soft and fresh. I don’t think anyone could get aggravated skin from this. If you suffer from extremely sensitive skin, but miss having a good exfoliate to get rid of dead skin, I would highly, highly recommend this stuff! 60g of this stuff is $65!

I wish I had bought a full size version of the silk cream. Although, 55ml is $150. What. The. Actual. Fuck? I’ve got nothing but praise for this moisturiser – I wouldn’t expect anything bloody less after looking at the price though! I managed to get three nights out of the 2ml sachet, and my skin the next morning always felt smooth and even. My redness seemed to have calmed from using it also.

Overall, this skincare line is tippy top. However, if you don’t want to spend this amount of money on full sized products, then please don’t purchase the mini versions – these will only tempt you more! I’m going to be seriously disappointed when I finish these little gems, as I can’t bring myself to spend that much on skincare knowing it won’t last long at all. If you are at your wits end with problem skin, I feel this is the only valid excuse you have to spend this much money on one skincare product!  These definitely lived up to the hype, and I hope one day I win the lottery so I can use their whole line day in, day out!


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