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August Favourites


Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Hope y’all enjoyed my two videos I’ve put up so far on YouTube! Find them here if you haven’t seen them yet!

I had all the intentions of filming my first ever monthly favourites, but I’ve got so many ideas in my head for filming while I’m off work this week, I thought I can still write this out for you guys, I can’t exactly do that with the other ideas! So hopefully, Septembers will be in video form!

Let’s get started, I’ve got six favourites for August!


I’ll start with a nail varnish. This is actually my first Essie nail polish! Ridiculous! This is in the shade, “Warm & Toasty Turtleneck.” I really hope all Essie nail polishes have cute names like this! I found this at my local TK Maxx for £2.99! I’ve been wearing it for literally the whole of August! It’s a really nice lilac colour, but has grey tones in it too. I thought it went with so many outfits – probably a lazy favourite, as I didn’t have to change my nail polish with every outfit!


So you all know Hoola! I’ve had this for around 3 months in the full size – before that, I had a little sample pot. I’ve recently got back into using this for literally, everything! I actually love the little brush that comes with it too – it’s perfect for contouring! I’ve been using Hoola for contouring, warming up my face and neck and also as an eyeshadow, just to warm up my crease if I’m feeling lazy! This is just the perfect bronzer, I love that it’s a matte finish – glitter contour looks brilliant on very few people!


I bought the MAC paint pot in Painterly in the middle of August – I know I’m kind of cheating! But I have used this everyday since it arrived in the post! The hype is real guys! Get one! This is perfect as a primer under your shadow, but it’s also perf if you don’t want to wear anything on your lids – it just evens out your skin tone and hides any darkness and veins! It makes your winged eyeliner look flawless too if you put this under it – love this!


I picked this up in Boots about two months ago. I thought I’d give it a try as I haven’t found a shade like this yet – and I  loved it! It’s a pretty, soft pink in the shade Pink Cloud! It’s only £1.99 – as are all Natural Collections products! Bloody bargains! I’ve been using this for work every day, it gives me such a subtle glow, it has a sheen to it too, which I love! I can never be bothered to do a full face in the mornings before work, so this is perf – it acts as a slight highlight too! It just makes me look a bit more awake, and not dead looking! I’m ultra pale, and this is just amazing. If you’ve got pale skin and struggle to find a subtle blusher – look no further guys! I can’t wait to pick more shades up!


I have been loving these Maybelline Colour Drama Pencils. I’ve got them in three of their shades, but this is my absolute fave! It’s in Nude Perfection, and has such a creamy and pigmented formula! This is perf on dry, chapped lips days – I think these are going to be a lifesaver through winter! The reason why this is in my faves is because I mixed it with my Blistex Intensive Moisturiser for lips last month, and oh my god, it was amazing! It gave me a cute, nude lip, but was also moisturising and just felt like a tinted balm! Dream! Obviously it’s smooth enough on it’s own, but for an intensive treatment, whilst looking cute, try this!


A quick swatch of it! It leans towards the more browny nude, but still quite neutral! Love it!


And lastly – Makeup Revolutions Iconic Palette. This is the Redemption Palette, Iconic 3. I picked this up because I read somewhere that this is a gorge dupe for the Naked 3 palette. Now I don’t have that palette, but I’m pretty damn impressed with this! It cost £4 – wtf?! These shadows are so freaking pigmented!


How gorge do these look?! The glitter shadows in this palette feel and look like foil shadows. I swatched this for a friend a few weeks ago and she nearly died. It’s ridic, amazing quality for £4! You can do so many looks with this too. Obviously the gold is my fave shade – I can’t get enough of it! I’m dying to pick up the other Iconic palettes, I’m just so sold on this brand, they’re winning!

And that concludes my faves for the month of August – I can’t wait for Septembers, I’m dying to get those berry shades out! Let me know your faves for August!


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