Kayleigh’s Cosmetics moves to YouTube

Hey guys! I thought I’d post a very quick update, as I am in the process of this all!

I’m currently setting up my own YouTube channel and hope to get my first video up within the next week!

You can subscribe and show the love ready, here! I’d really appreciate it, and you’ll also get a notification when my first ever video is UP!

Now I’ve gone all out for this, I’ve bought an iMac – especially for editing (ridiculous, I know!), and dived right in and bought a Canon 700d to film my videos on! I’m still working my way round the camera – but it is looking gorge! I’m too excited to share this with you guys, and really love all the support and feedback I’ve had since starting this blog a few months ago! Look forward to seeing y’all on the other side!

Btw – this blog is staying too! I’m hoping to mirror my updates from YouTube onto this blog too, so no one is left out!


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