Natural Collection Eyeshadow – Crushed Walnut


I thought I’d do a quick post on a Natural Collection eyeshadow. Pretty random, I know. But bear with me here!

I first found this while watching Kaushal Beauty’s YouTube video (check her out!😍). She pointed out that you could use this shade as a contour shade.

   So that’s exactly why I picked it up! I know, it does look quite dark in this photo, but remember, Natural Collection shadows aren’t crazily pigmented – which turns out to be a blessing!

Dusted on areas you want to contour lightly, this creates the perfect shadow, without being OTT! This can be applied with a heavier hand for a more intense contour, just remember to blend, blend, blend!

Then yesterday, while I was getting ready, I thought I’d try it on my brows! I’m a shade medium – dark when it comes to my brows, so I appreciate this won’t work for everyone! But I’m abso loving the natural look at the moment, so I thought I’d try filling in the sparse areas of my brows with this, just for a fuller looking brow. This looked amazing! It does have a red-ish undertone to it, unless that was how it looked against my natural brows. But once blended, it looked fine!

Not bad for £1.99! Pick this bad boy up and see how many uses you can find for it! Not forgetting it’s an eyeshadow also!


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