Real Techniques Complexion Sponge

I bought this around three weeks ago when my beauty blender was starting to look a bit worse for wear. I could not bring myself to part with £16 for another one – it was too hard! I ended up getting one of these instead. They’re only £5.99, so I thought it would be well worth giving one of these a chance before buying my fourth beauty blender!


The complexion sponge has kind of an egg shaped top, and then looks like it’s been sliced off on the bottom, so there’s a flat edge. When I first got this, I was a bit sceptical about its shape! I’ve been using the flat side to blend out my foundation, and then the opposite, rounded side to blend out any concealer!

I must say, I am really loving this sponge! It blends out my foundation flawlessly, and doesn’t soak up loads of product! I can actually say, I prefer this to the beauty blender! Shock, horror!

The only downside would be that it is already getting little rips and tears in it after only three weeks of use. To be fair, it doesn’t make much difference, and for £10 cheaper than the beauty blender, I don’t care if they only last a month or two at a time!

If you think you can’t part with your beauty blender, give the complexion sponge a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and your wallet will thank you! I’m using that £10 I saved to put towards Real Techniques bold metals collection, I just need them in my life too!


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