Too Faced Hangover Primer

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been so busy with work!

Anyways, today I’ll be reviewing Too Faced Hangover primer. I first saw this on Nicole Guerriero’s YouTube channel about six months ago, she literally used this stuff every single day! So I got round to ordering it from Sephora last month, and I’ve been trying it out every morning!

This primer claims to look after your skin while you’re wearing it. It’s full of probiotics and electrolytes! This is what attracted me to it!

   So the primer comes in a really cute packaging with a pump dispenser – nice and hygienic, good start! The primer is white in colour and has quite a runny consistency, making it easy to blend in and be soaked up! It has a coconut scent, which I love! It feels almost like a really light moisturiser. You could slap this on on no makeup days and it would be perf!

I don’t know if you can tell because the lighting changed, but the top pic is my hand with nothing on, and then the bottom is with a layer of the primer. It gives a subtle glow – not glittery, just a healthy shine!

I love wearing this primer on days when my skin feels mega dry. I use it on top of my moisturiser, so it’s like a double helping of hydration!

This primer doesn’t smooth out wrinkles or pores. It gives a healthy glow, and could be used by dry or oily skin types! I wouldn’t say it made my foundation stay put any longer, but also it didn’t do horrible things to it either!

Overall I think this primer is worth giving a try – especially if you can’t find a primer that’s hydrating enough! I love the feeling of knowing its doing nice things to my skin while I’m wearing it too! And the packaging is a win also!


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