Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat


I bought this on the plane to Tunisia back in May. There’s been so much hype over this product for years! I remember my mum using it everyday religiously for about 3 years. This costs £25, obviously I got it duty free, but still, it’s quite an expensive addition – I decided to trust the hype though.


So Touché Éclat comes as a pen with a brush end and you push the button on the other end to dispense the product. I do like this because it dispenses just the right amount and you can distribute it over your face nicely with the brush. The only downside being is that you can’t see how much product you have left! I tend to use loads at a time also – which probably isn’t good when you look at the price! But I can never gauge how much I’ve used from the pen!


There re are three shades I believe. I got shade 2. This looks so nice and bright on my hand. The consistency is really creamy too! Easy to blend.

Now for my thoughts on the actual product. I’m afraid it’s not a good review! I expected amazing things from touché eclat. I don’t know if that’s why I’m disappointed, as I expected miracles verging on wizardry! I used this on the triangle section under my eyes and it did absolutely bloody nothing! Literally! I blended it in – after using probably half the pen. It didn’t cover dark circles – which I know isn’t its main selling point, but I still expected some kind of coverage as it was so creamy! There was no brightening effect whatsoever. And that’s what peeved me off. ITS A BRIGHTENING PRODUCT! Where’s the brightening effect?! No where! Not even a hint of luminosity! I’m pretty annoyed I paid that much for a product that doesn’t even show any benefits to my makeup routine! Not even a little bit!

If you’re looking for a brightening concealer, I suggest buying MAC’s pro longwear concealer in one shade lighter than your matched too. That way it will brighten up your whole under eye area when you apply it! That’s what I currently do, and I love it.

But I’m seriously miffed at YSL at the moment! And all those people that raved about it! Were they blind?! Or am I just doing something wrong?! Let me know if you’ve tried it and which end of the spectrum you are! I think this is a product you either abso love or hate!


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