Tropic Skincare – Vitamin Toner


So this is part of the skincare line that I sell and do facials with. This toner water has quickly become one of my HG’s in life! This is £12 for 120ml. So, not the cheapest on the market, but you always expect to pay a little extra for all natural skincare that actually takes care of your face and body!

The main ingredients in this gorge smelling toner water is Rose water, which is brilliant for sensitive skin and balances your natural oils on your face. It also includes vitamin C, aloe vera and white tea – all of which are amazing for your skin and will brighten and hydrate without stripping it!

I use this after I have cleansed. Now I have to say here that a toner is usually used to remove any excess dirt that wasn’t removed by your cleanser. The tropic cleanser literally removes all makeup and dirt (review here!), so I spritz the toner straight on my face, knowing it’s squeaky clean, and let it soak in. Just before it’s all soaked into my skin, that’s when I moisturise, so to lock in all that goodness and moisture from the toner!

I have also been using this to set my makeup. This is perfect, as it’s no extra chemicals going onto your skin as it’s all natural, yet it takes away that cakey look you might get after powdering. For a dewy look, spritz this all over your face after you’ve completed your makeup. Or if you want to freshen up throughout the day, carry it in your handbag. It’ll brighten up your makeup without you having to add any more! Even if you’re oily, I believe this will work wonders as it’s adding moisture to your face, but not adding any extra oiliness. This has replaced my MAC setting spray at the moment! And it’s cheaper!

Let me know your fave toner at the moment! Mine is most definitely this, I can just feel my redness and dry patches being soothed every time I spray this on!


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