Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara

imageI bought this the other week, as I was needing something to keep my unruly brows in check. Especially as I usually only use a pencil or powder. I’ve tried waxes and clear gels before, but I’ve always hated how they looked! They either made my brows look stiff or greasy or ruined how I’d drawn them on! So i thought I’d give it one last chance.

I’ve been loving Maybelline so much lately! Everything I’ve tried from them has been a dream! And so cheap! This cost me £4.99. I got the clear one, because as I said, I just wanted something to fix my brows in place. This does come in different shades too if you prefer that.

imageI know this isn’t the most amazing photo ever, but I couldn’t show the wand any other way! Awful! Anyways, the wand is perf for lightly brushing over your brows. It doesn’t leave lumps of the clear gel anywhere, it sweeps a light layer over them and sets them in place without looking like there’s anything on there! Magical!

This brow gel is amazing. I use this every day now and it keeps my brows in check all day long. They’re no longer wilted or faded by the end of the day, the gel keeps them together and on point! Dream!

Let me know what you thought of this one, or if you’ve tried the coloured ones, tell us your thoughts!


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