MAC Cosmetics Mini Pigments – Vanilla & Naked

imageThese MAC pigments are genius! £10 for this cute little pot of gorge! The full size pots are £17, so if you’re not wanting to spend that much, these are perf! And honestly, have you ever met anyone who has finished one? Unless it’s been dropped over the floor…

I actually got one of these free in a recent order! MAC were doing a promotion, where if you spent £30 or more, you’d get a free mini pigment! Perf!

So let’s start with Vanilla:


In the first swatch, I’ve just swiped the pigment down with a dry brush, and on the second, I’ve used a wet brush. Same with Naked:


This shows how versatile these are! Vanilla would look amazing lightly patted over a dark smokey eye, whereas if you were wanting to use it as a highlight in the middle of your eye, you could wet the brush and have this dramatic, almost foil effect look!

I absolutely love Naked! It’s perf over the eye on its own on days when you cant be bothered to do anything but want to look more awake! This just brightens your whole eye up and makes it look like you’ve made an effort, when all you’ve done is a quick swipe with a damp brush!

I think these pigments are amazing. The only downside is that the shade range isn’t as large as the full size pigments. I’m sure they’ll be expanding though! These make cute little gifts, or just as a tester for the rest of the pigments! Whatever you’re wanting to buy them for, just buy them. They are so worth it!


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