Tropic Skincare & Cosmetics – Lash Extensions Mascara

    So as you all probably know by now, I work for Tropic Skincare which is this amazingly natural brand, owned by Susan Ma & Alan Sugar! See my page above for more info!  I just wanted to give you a rundown of one of the very first products I tried – their lash extension kit!    It comes with two mascara tubes. So the tallest one is like your traditional mascara. It’s very black, the wand clearly separates your lashes and is all natural! The smaller tube then, is full of mini fibres that you coat your lashes with after a layer of the mascara! You then finish up with another layer of mascara to secure those fibres into place!    So on the top you’ve got your traditional mascara wand! And then on the bottom you’ve got the fibre wand! It reminds me of a mini pipe cleaner!       This is after steps 1-3 done once! It’s such a pigmented colour, the fibres grip so well to your lashes and it just locks everything in! I had compliments all day on my lashes! Not only does it lengthen then, it also adds volume too! You could add more layers if you want a more dramatic look easily!  Let me know your thoughts, I personally really recommend this lash extension kit! It easily comes off too, so you’re not fighting with those glued on lashes either!  If you want to sample this, give me a message, either here, Insta (kayladams92), Twitter (kayladams92) or on Facebook (Kayleigh Adams)!  OR… Shop here now to buy it!


8 thoughts on “Tropic Skincare & Cosmetics – Lash Extensions Mascara”

    1. It’s amazing! I feel like it’ll last forevs too! It’s so natural, no clumps! Click on my link if Ya wanna purchase it! 😊

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