Maybelline Brow Satin Eye Pencil

I picked this up when there was some kind of triple points/3 for 2 offer on, just to top up my spend. Because that’s what I do. I waste money.

BUT… This was a good waste of money! I’ve been completely hooked on NYX’s brow powders up until now (read post here!), but I’ve found myself reaching for this pencil more and more!

The pencil has two sides: one is the actual pencil that you use to draw and outline, and then the other side is a sponge applicator with powder in it that you are supposed to use to fill in your brows.

I usually only use the pencil side, though I’m sure the powder side would make a nice eyeshadow for those of you who do the same! From the pic, you can just see how precise you can get with it! It actually reminds me of the anastasia brow whiz pencil – I’ve never used it – only from what I’ve seen on YouTube!

I just love how this matches my hairs perfectly – I got it in dark brown. It comes in 4 shades. This literally takes me 5 minutes to do, I hate spending time on my brows, I see it as a chore now! It costs £5.99 – which is an absolute bargain – especially if this is a perf dupe to anastasia! I must buy it and try it to compare!

Have you tried anastasia brow whiz? Let me know your thoughts!


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