Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

   Isn’t this the most gorge foundation bottle you’ve ever seen?! This is literally on every beauty YouTube video at the moment! So that meant I had to get it!  Let’s start with cost. £35. I know. Ouch. But not insanely pricey for Giorgio Armani right? I think I’m just trying to kid myself!    First off can I get a round of applause for having no makeup on and going public?! Thanks! Just thought I’d jump right in with the before and after. So you can see the redness and unevenness in the first photo of my skin without anything on! Then after one layer, which I use three pumps for, using a damp Beautyblender.  You can see it just covers so well, with such a light, even layer. It doesn’t feel like you have a layer of anything on your skin! So easily buildable and blendable!  I really was hoping I’d hate this foundation so much. But that sadly wasn’t the case. This foundation just gives an amazing, gorge glow, without sinking into your pores or feeling heavy on your face! If you’ve been hesitating over this product. Don’t. Just bite the bullet and try it! You will fall in love!!


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