Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks


I thought I’d do a quick first impression on Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks! I got these a couple weeks ago. I got 4 of them at first which were “Jaclyns Gems.” That’s Jaclyn Hill – best Youtuber in the world! Then I bought another five because there was an offer on, and who can resist that?! 

So the shades from left to right are: Rodeo Drive, Kimchi Doll, Grape Soda, Undergroud, Fairy Godmother, Buttercup, 1995, Rosehill & Buttercream! 

They are the prettiest bullets! Gold is a dream! The lipgloss’s are insane. First let’s start with the packaging. They have a mirror on the side, and when you pull the wand out, there is a light! So pretty! Secondly, they are so, so, so pigmented! That swatch is one swipe! Crazy! 

The lipsticks are so pretty. The colours are so individual, I literally don’t have any shades that are similar! 1995 is my fave! It’s supposed to replicate the shade that Kylie Jenner uses, like back to the 90’s! Their lasting power is brilliant, they’re so soft and moisturising too, which means you can’t feel them on your lips! I hate the feel of heavy lipstick, it makes me feel so paranoid! 

I’m going to do a more in depth review of all these lipsticks and show y’all photos of them on my lips. But these literally have a huge thumbs up from me! They are gorge and don’t have the praise they should have! Always keep a look out for discount codes on their Instagram, they do amazing deals!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway, which is detailed on the blog post previous to this! The prize is Glamglow’s Supermud treatment! 6 more days! 


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