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Glamglow Supermud Face Mask

   So I took the plunge and purchased Glamglow’s face mask in Supermud. It cost £45. I know. £45 for a face mask! The reason I paid this ridiculous price is because of the reviews and the promises this mask makes! My main concerns are redness, dehydrated skin, large pores and blemishes. This mask promises to blitz all this, one way or another!     Let’s look at the packaging first! For £45, I wouldn’t expect any less than perfect packaging! This is almost too nice to throw away! I had to though. What need did I have for it? And I’m also trying to curb my hoarding ways!    This is the little tub it comes in. I hear you thinking, forty five frigging quid for that piddly pot?! No fear, there is plenty of product, and you need the tiniest amount per application, so it really is ok, I promise! I think it looks so cute and sleek! I want the other glamglow face masks, they’re all the same pots, but different colours, how cute would they look on the dressing table?! But let’s get real…    I’m looking ultra serious, because this mask dries ultra solid! No time for smiling! The mask is a fun dark grey, it has some lumpy bits in it, that kind of exfoliate when you’re washing it off. They’re not harsh on your skin though. I took this photo half and half to show you, so the dark grey colour is how it looks in the pot and on application. The lighter grey is when it finally dries! It says to leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes!    So the main thing that sold this mask for me was the fact that you can literally see the gunk being sucked out of your pores! Those dark dots all over my nose?! The oil and yuck from my pores! I can almost feel them shrinking in relief! It’s kind of minging, but what better way to know it’s working than to actually see it!  I haven’t taken an after photo, purely because there was no immediate difference. I did the mask on Saturday, and for the past few days, I have had the worst breakout since I was 15! It looked like my acne was making a return! And then I realised that because the mask was bringing all the dirt and grime to the surface, breakouts are inevitably going to happen! It’s clearing up now on the fifth day, nothing a bit of almond oil can’t cure!  My aim is to do this mask once a week, and I feel once I get into this routine, there won’t be as much shit in my pores as the first time! I think this is an amazing way for a kind of deep cleanse once a week. Even though it’s a mask, it has multiple purposes! I’m so in love. And anything to reduce my pore size lately, I’m all for it! I completely, 100% would purchase this again, I think it’s well worth it’s price! They also sent me samples of Youthmud and Thirstymud with this too, which I think is amazing! I gave the Youthmud mask to mama, I’ve tried that before and it was too harsh for my sensitive skin! But Thirstymud seems a dream! I’ll be back with that one!  Love y’all!

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