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Lush Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask – Love Lettuce

  Now I have to start with what I mentioned in my last fresh face mask review. I said to ignore what Lush say the mask is for, and try it if you want to! This is the exact reason why. This is targeted at you people with normal to oily skin. Now my skin is dry to very dry, and out of all the fresh face masks I’ve tried so far (Oatifix, Catastrophe Cosmetic, Brazened Honey), this has been the most moisturising and softening! Crazy!    This also has my favourite consistency so far too! It has a mousse consistency, which makes it easy to scoop out the tub and apply it evenly and thickly! I expected this to smell awful with lettuce in the name, but it’s actually a really fresh smell. I love it, morning and evening!      Some say I might apply my face masks a little too liberally! But I love applying it thickly, I feel like it does more!  Give this a try, doesn’t matter what your skin type is! I will say one thing: do not forget you have it on your face and faff around doing chores for an hour, because that will irritate your skin and leave giant red patches everywhere… Yes I did that. But if you stick to the 5-10 mins, you will love this!


2 thoughts on “Lush Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask – Love Lettuce”

  1. One of my favourite face masks from Lush, You should also try ayesha is your liked this, they smell is not so great but it leaves you skin so plump and soft. x


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