Brazened Honey Lush Cosmetics Face Mask

I’ve never tried this face mask before! I’ve already reviewed Catastrophe Cosmetic & Oatifix on this blog! When I did my rather large order the other day, I chucked in two fresh face masks I thought I’d try too!

So I’ll start with this one! Brazened Honey is… Illuminous. Like, major yellow! It also doesn’t smell like honey at all, which is what a lot of reviews said it did smell of. I personally think the smell reminds me of my nans garden. Like, really strong overpowering flower smell. Mark agreed too! Not my fave smell in the world, I’ll be honest!


Ok so this picture does not do the colour any justice! This mask is really thick, but it sits nicely on the skin. And like any of Lush’s face masks, you obviously have to keep them in the fridge, so they always feel refreshing when you apply them. It slightly exfoliates too, there’s  ground almonds in this! This is aimed at ‘tired skin.’ With Lush face masks, I’ve come to the conclusion, if you like the sound of it, just try it, even if it’s not aimed at your skin type! They’re all fresh, so what’s the worst they can do? This really freshens up my skin, feeling wise, not so much visually. I can’t really tell a major difference!

So this is bright! As you can see, even though it is thick, it melts on your skin when you apply it, making it easier to manoeuvre around!

When washed off, it leaves my skin feeling so so soft! It does reduce my redness a lot to be fair, but it doesn’t make it disappear altogether, just a little less angry looking! Give this a try if you’re looking for something fun and different! Even if you just went for it by colour alone! I’m sure y’all will love this!
Oh and if there’s any beauty product you guys want me to go out and get to review, let me know! I’m a little wary on the skin care front as my skin is major sensitive lately! But any requests are welcome!


2 thoughts on “Brazened Honey Lush Cosmetics Face Mask”

  1. I really want to give their cupcake face mask a go , purely because it smells like chocolately goodness. Thanks for the review, I have never tried brazened honey but will be definitely picking it up now 🙂


    1. Omg I know right?! The cupcake one looks gorge! Definitely give Brazened Honey a try! It’s so nice and refreshing!

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