How I clean my Beautyblender

  So after my sister accidently threw out my Beautyblender’s cleansing bar, thinking it was a cheap old soap, I struggled to find an alternative to keep this bad boy in ship shape for as long as possible! I thought I’d share with you my routine, in case you’re having the same struggles!  That beauty blender in the photo is actually 8 months old, used every single day! In top condition in my opinion, though it is a little faded! I had a spare bar of Johnson’s baby soap with honey in, hanging around my bathroom, and one day I thought, ‘if it’s soft enough for a baby, why not for my Beautyblender?!’    This is the soap I’m talking about! I’ve lost the wrapper for mine, so had to get a photo from the web! But oh my god, this is amazing! I’ll say even more amazing than the cleansing soap you get with the blender! I find it so much easier to hold too, seeing as it’s more than double the size! And so much cheaper!  So my routine usually, is to fill my sink half full of warm water, wet the soap and sponge, then gently lather it up by rubbing the sponge over the soap, I rotate the sponge, so it’s getting an all over clean. Then I give it a few squeezes in the water, drain the water and repeat the whole process a second time. Once I’ve done this again, I then just hold the sponge under the cold tap and give it a few squeezes to make sure there’s no more soap in it! Then to take out excess water, I just wrap it in a towel and give it a light squeeze!  Remember to be gently throughout the whole process, it’s no cheap sponge, just keep remembering how much you paid for this amazing tool!  If you use a different process and you think it’s much nicer for your Beautyblender, let me know! But this soap is amazing, and it smells so good too!


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