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My Morning Skin Routine

So I thought I’d let y’all know about my skin routine that I do every morning at the moment! When I’m looking for a new skin routine, or just looking to mix things up, I like products that make my skin feel soft, not clogged, and prepped ready for a day of make up!

So the first thing I do every morning is wash my face in the shower. For the past few weeks, I’ve been using Lush Cosmetics Aqua Marina! It’s not exfoliating enough to remove makeup, which makes it soft enough to gently wash my face every morning. You don’t need a harsh scrub in the mornings, you’re only removing any oil from the night time and freshening up your face! Aqua marina leaves my skin feeling so even and soft!

So once I’m out the shower, I’ll apply a lip balm. I always forget to apply during the day, so half an hour every morning really makes a difference. I’ll then just lightly tone my face with Lush Cosmetics Eau Roma Water. It hydrates my skin and just removes any excess dirt/oil before beginning.

At the moment I’m using No7 day moisturiser for Normal/Dry skin. I like to use something light, but still hydrating enough for my dry skin during the day. One, because obviously your skin is going to produce much more oil if it’s dehydrated, and two, because if I use anything too heavy, then my makeup is just going to slide right off. Which is what we don’t want! This moisturiser is exactly the same as Benefits Total Moisture, but more than half the price for the same amount!

I then rub a little of Benefits eye makeup remover under my eye and wipe off with a cotton round, just to be sure there’s no leftover mascara from the night before. Then I use No7 again, this time their Beautiful Skin Dark Circle Corrector for under my eyes. The tube actually has three little metal balls on it, so I give it a light squeeze per eye and lightly massage in circular motions. This removes any puffiness. I just pat it in with my ring finger then. This sits so well under eye makeup. It doesn’t make it crease up or slip off. As soon as its soaked it, it’s like there’s nothing there! It makes my under eyes feel smooth, not sure about the dark circle correcting too much!

So this is my routine at the moment! I find it brilliant to prep my skin, and that’s all I ask for! I will be posting up my night time routine, and makeup routine, so keep your eyes peeled!


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