Rimmel Kate Eyeliner 

 I wanted to try an eyeliner I’d never used before, so I went for this. What I didn’t realise is that it was emerald. I assumed all of them would have been black, but apparently not!


It is a pretty colour! It’s really dark in colour, but you can still see a green tinge to it. The brush that comes with it is a decent brush, but not for applying eyeliner! Which seems silly as it come with an eyeliner… I’ve been using the brush on my brows, and it’s pretty damn good for that! I prefer a slanted brush for liner.


This is the colour without and with flash. You can see what I mean about it being dark. I’m really disappointed in this liner. You need to go over it quite a few times for it to be a strong, opaque line. I like a liner where you just draw one strong line and that’s it! There’s more scope for error if you have to be going over it multiple times!

It is a good liner to be fair, if you get it right! Let me know what you think about it, and if you infuriatingly picked up the wrong shade too, or if that was just me…


4 thoughts on “Rimmel Kate Eyeliner ”

      1. I haven’t seen any of the Seventeen gel liner where I live unfortunately but hopefully I will be able to try them both out one day! Xoxo


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