Mac Cosmetics Prep & Prime Lip Primer

So I’ve had this for around a month now. When I read reviews, around 80% of them commented on how the product just fell out of the tube when they opened it. You can imagine my smugness when this didn’t happen to me… Until last week. I opened the cap and it flew out! Cry! I managed to wedge it back in, doesn’t really make a difference, but a pain nonetheless. So if you can get over that disaster, read on!

It’s very, very similar to a lip balm. It’s white, but comes out clear on the lips. It smells like MAC’s lipsticks, y’know the vanilla scent. I like it. But I don’t love it. It costs £13. Near enough the same price as a lipstick! It is moisturising, not as moisturising as a lip balm though.

I apply this over my lips, using two or three layers, then I wait 2/3 minutes before applying any lip product. I do have to admit, it makes application so much easier and smoother, especially with my matte colours. I don’t think it extends the longevity of any of my lip products though. So you have to weigh it up, is it worth it just for the smooth application?

I’m still debating this. I don’t know whether I’m going to repurchase this. I do use a lot of matte colours, and it did actually show up Blankety a lot more than just applying it to my lips as normal. That one is an amplified finish. Let me know your thoughts on it if you’ve tried it, because I’m still on the fence about this!


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