Lush Cosmetics Movis 

I have to start with how weird this looks! Like really weird!! This is Movis. The lady who invented this is called Mo, and she wanted to combine her love of baking with her love of skincare. Or something like that! Anyways, this is meant to resemble bread, you are not cray! It even has wholemeal bread in it for exfoliation, and it contains good stuff for your skin!

I really wanted to be majorly impressed with this. Lush says, “This sweet smelling squidgy bar uses wholemeal bread to exfoliate and revive the skin, and wheatgerm oil, hop oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to soften. Movis is free from animal fats, palm oil and petrochemicals.” All the reviews I’ve read have been absolutely loving it! 

You’re supposed to wet this whole bar and then rub it all over your face. I didn’t want to do this, I’m worried about it getting moldy! Am I being silly? Instead I cut a chunk off and rubbed it between wet hands before applying to my face. It lathers up like a normal soap. That was the first thing that got alarm bells ringing, I mean, we shouldn’t use soap on our skin should we? It’s too harsh, and sucks all the goodness out of your skin! When I applied it to my face, the bready bits did do a good job of slightly exfoliating. Now I suppose this is a good thing if you don’t want anything harsh on your skin! And to be fair, it did leave my face feeling a little soft, definitely not as dried out as I worried it would be! 

I think Movis would be good as a morning wash, when you just want a freshen up. I don’t think it’s good enough to remove all makeup and grime off at the end of the day. It just wasn’t substantial enough. If I’m doing anything wrong, please tell me!! 


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