Mac Cosmetics Brave Lipstick

Let’s talk about Brave lipstick for a sec. Because I just love it so much! I think this is another lipstick that Kylie Jenner supposedly uses! Alas, still no plump lips!

Brave has a Satin finish. Now I’m usually all about the Matte finishes. Only because they seem to last a lot longer.  And that’s true with this. Brave doesn’t last along as say, my Ruby Woo. It’ll last a good 2/3 hours without touch up, which isn’t too bad I suppose!

I usually team it with NYX cosmetics lip liner in Jewel. I think it works so well with it!

This is Brave on me! If you looking for a bit more colour than a nude, but nothing too loud, then this is the colour for you! I highly recommend trying NYX lip liner with it too! It has amazing lasting power too!


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