Lush Cosmetics Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

So I wanted to do a speedy review on this. I bought this on a whim, y’know when you’re browsing online and you think, “Meh, I’ll whack that in too.” That’s what I did. And I am so glad I did! Silky Underwear has this amazing, sexy scent. The Jasmine in it smells so, so, so good!

To make things even better, Lush have grated cocoa butter into it, so when you start rubbing it into your skin, you can feel little lumps in it, but they’re small enough to immediately melt into your skin. My skin feels so moisturised and smooth! I love it!

I apply it after I’ve showered, once I’m dried off. It’s such a soft scent, I love going to bed smelling of this, it’s so soothing.

Now I’ve tried this, I can’t wait to try Lush’s other dusting powders! This one cost £4.50 which I thought was an absolute bargain, which is probs why I just whacked it in the cart. Let me know if you recommend any of their other dusting powders, because I can’t wait to try more! And you should try this! ASAP!


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