Limecrime Lipstick in Geradium


Yay! Pretty packaging! Literally, the only reason I bought this bad boy to begin with. I went on Limecrime‘s website to order the lovely Velvetine matte lip colours I’d heard so much about (review coming soon…). I then thought I’d have a browse at their lipsticks, as I’d never really heard much about them. As soon as I saw the packaging, I had to get one! It’s soooo so so pretty! It has a unicorn on it! The colours are pretty wild and “out there,” so I picked a colour I thought I’d be more likely to wear. They cost $18.


So the order came in the ultra cute reversible box (yes, I kept it)! Really well packaged, and all in one piece all the way from America! Only $10 for international shipping so good!


This is the photo of it on Limecrime’s website. Urgh I want those lips so bad! So it shows it’s super pigmented and has a sheen to it. Now, it was most certainly super pigmented, but I was disappointed it didn’t have the glossy finish, because it looked amazing on those lips! However it was a matte finish, and matte is my fave lip finish of all time!


Excuse the spots (cry). This was the shade on my lips, such a pretty pink colour, definitely wearable in the day, it was so cute! I did find it quite drying after wearing it for about 5 hours, however I didn’t touch up within that time! And can I add that within that time, I visited the dentist, had my first ever filling (waahhh), and it didn’t budge once, even with Mr Dentist rummaging round my mouth. If that’s not a lipstick test at it’s finest, I don’t know what is!

So from buying the lipstick for it’s oh so cute packaging, to abso falling in love with it, I have now decided I want MORE! I’ve got a list of colours I want next, and I suggest you take a look too!

**I have to make a comment on what happened on Limecrime’s website this past week. They had to close their website down due to hackers getting in and stealing account details and using them. It didn’t affect people who had used Paypal (yay me!), and Doe Deere kept everyone informed with regular statements, which was handy, but nonetheless a pain in the ass for the people affected. It’s now up and running again with higher protection etc.**


6 thoughts on “Limecrime Lipstick in Geradium”

    1. Oh definitely an amazing summer colour!! And I know right! I was dreading looking in the mirror when he finished, but it looked like I’d just applied it! So pleased..

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  1. It really is! I’ve never heard of Limecrime before. I’m definitely going to check out there stuff – is all the packaging as cute as the lipstick? Xoxo


    1. I’ve only recently got into them! Try their velvetine matte lip colours, I’ll be doing a review, but they are to die for! And all the packaging is adorable! Not as cute as the unicorn though!

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  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the packaging of this! It’s so cute! This colour looks amazing on you too 👍 xoxo


    1. Aw thanks gal! Im in love with it! And isn’t it adorable? I love it sitting out on my dressing table just so I can stare at it haha!


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