Mac Cosmetics Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick

Velvet Teddy!
Velvet Teddy!

Eeeeep! Officially my favourite lipstick in the whole entire world! This is one of the first MAC lipsticks I bought, just before Christmas 2014. I didn’t realise the hype around it when I ordered it. I realised afterwards, I was one of the lucky few to get my hands on it in the small window of time it was back in stock for! Lucky me!

After I ordered it, I googled it and realised the Kylie Jenner hype! I secretly prayed my lips would look like hers after seeing them, but alas, no such luck!

The reason I love Velvet Teddy so much is that it literally looks amazing on any skin tone. Like, any! It’s a nude, but an interesting nude, it seems to change in different lights and on different skin tones! Sometimes I see pink, others I see browns, then one day I’m like crikey this is dark! And then others it’s so light! So weird. But so pretty! It’s one of MAC’s matte shades (which are my faves). It is pretty drying on my lips if I don’t use prep and prime, but thats pretty similar for all mattes!


My skin tone brings out the brown in it. I feel like I’m back in the nineties when I’m wearing this! This is my go to colour for any makeup look! If I feel a bright colour just won’t work, Velvet Teddy is a reliable backup! The longevity of this is amazing! The first time I wore it was on Christmas day, and I put it on at around 9am. It then lasted through breakfast, Christmas dinner AND cheese and wine in the evening! Winner! I was so impressed! I love a lippy I don’t have to touch up multiple times throughout the day! Such a chore having to check your lips all the time!


This is it on me! I’m so in love! It’s basically “your lips, but better.” I LOVE using Rimmel’s lip liner in Eastend Snob with it! It’s a nudey pink and it just goes so well with it!

To finish, if you’re going to be buying your first MAC lipstick or looking for your next cute nude, this is it! Velvet Teddy is all its hyped up to be, and MORE! I’ve used this shade the most, it’s always my go to shade! So go for it, buy it (if it’s back in stock of course…!


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