Real Techniques Core Collection


Today’s review is on Real Technique’s core collection makeup brush set! It comprises of four brushes, with gold/orange handles. The brushes come in a handy case for travelling with. I find it a pain in the bum to keep them in there at home, they take up unnecessary space!

So the brushes. Let me go through what each of them are used for, left to right. The contour brush. I love a good contour, and a brilliant brush makes it more perf! The bristles come up to a point to ensure definition. It makes it so much easier to contour with this brush, The width of the bristles are perfect, ah this is just my fave brush of them all!

The next brush is the foundation brush. Now this was the brush, that made me, hesitate buying this set as I have never loved foundation brushes, They make foundation cling to my dry patches, and that ain’t pretty. However, I do use this brush for patting on concealer under my eyes. It’s quite a small foundation brush, so I find it fits nicely on the under eye area. Let me know if you have used this for foundation application, I do not dare try it, my skin is just getting under control with the scaly areas.

The detailer brush is so cute! I use this brush mainly to conceal single blemishes and tidy up my lips once I’ve applied lipstick for a defined finish. I love it! It’s the perfect rounded shape, and really flexible. Sometimes, I find with smaller bristle brushes, they can be quite stiff, but there’s no problems with this one.

And last but not least, the buffing brush. This is used for full coverage application of powders and foundation. I know a few people that use this for liquid foundation as well as mineral foundation. I like to use mine to apply my NYX HD finishing powder, I pat it on, rather than swipe it over my face. I love this brush, the bristles are really compact, and it just finishes my face nicely.

So to end, I am glad I bought this kit. I want all of the real techniques brushes now. I bought this set of four for £21.99 ish. Which isn’t bad. A single MAC brush can sell for £28, so a bargain if you look at it like that (oh how I would kill for some MAC brushes)!  I’ve experienced no fallout with any of the brushes, which I feel should be a given. If you’re going to buy decent brushes, you actually want some bristles left in it to use. I do recommend these brushes, they’re good quality, fairly priced and offer a lot of choice with regards to different brushes. So give them a try!


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