Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream


Benefit Total Moisture! One of the two moisturisers that Benefit Cosmetics offer in their skin care range. The other being Triple Performing Facial Emulsion.

So lets start with the packaging. The moisturiser is in a glass jar with a plastic lid designed to look like cork. Personally, I love that the jar is made of glass. Reviews I have read have not been in favour of this, saying it’s not particularly practical to travel with. I just scoop what I need into a smaller sample jar I had from a previous set. The one thing that does put me off the jar, is the hygiene side. I do prefer the Triple Performing’s packaging, which has a pump, so no exposure to the air. It does have a little lid on it when you take the top off, not sure what that is really there for, but hey, it’s there!


The moisturiser itself is AMAZING! I have ridiculously dry skin, and anything I put on it before, didn’t affect it in the slightest. It’s a thick, creamy formula. At first I worried it would be too greasy to wear everyday under my foundation, but as soon as I smoothed it into my skin, it soaked right up! It actually stopped my foundation sticking to my dry patches, made it sit better and didn’t even break me out. That’s the problem I found with the Triple Performing moisturiser, it gave me so many spots, and did nothing for my dry patches. There isn’t a SPF in the Total Moisture, but I’m ok with that. This is the first product I have actually ever completely finished…


This sight makes me sad. It retails for £28.50 for 50ml. Pretty expensive for a moisturiser, and quite pricey for Benefit I think! Since I’ve finished this, I have actually purchased No7‘s  Beautiful Skin day cream for Normal/Dry skin. I bought this for £12.50 for 50ml and so far, the formula feels pretty much the same and it hasn’t broken me out yet. I’ll keep you guys updated on that one, and will do a review once I’ve used it a bit more.

But to conclude. I do think Total Moisture is a good product. The fact that it didn’t break me out, and it helped my lizard skin, was a miracle! I’m just a bit put off by the price as it’s a moisturiser. I’d rather be spending that much on a snazzy new lipstick, or a cute eye shadow kit. I should be thankful that it’s good for my skin. But for now, I’ll be praying No7 does the same job for more than half the price.


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