The beautyblender


The beautyblender. Alas. The most wonderful beauty invention ever. Ever.

Wet. Squeeze. Bounce.

That’s beautyblender’s motto. Sounds simple right? It is. It’s literally that simple!! I’m so in love!

The full size beautyblender starts from £16. Expensive for a sponge? I thought so too, until I got one as a sample from Birchbox one month. Since then, I have bought two more (I bought my third last night)! If you are not fortunate enough to have had a sample, seriously, you just have to bite the bullet and fork out £16 and see for yourself why it is worth it.

I only own the Original blender. That’s the pink one. It’s the most popular one, the first ever beautyblender. Probably because pink is the best colour ever. There are two other beautyblenders. There’s the white one: “Pure.” This one is aimed at skincare application, so serums, moisturisers and sensitive skin. The there’s the black one: “Pro.” Aimed at the professionals, if the name didn’t give it away! It’s used for long wearing cosmetics such as self-tanners.


This is my oldest beautyblender. It’s 8 months old. A bit scabby looking, a paler pink after it’s numerous washes, but still in tact and still doing its job. I just think they’re so worth their money! Think how many cheapy sponges you would have discarded of by now. And think how much more care you will take of this knowing the price! And effectiveness!

I apply my primer with my fingers. Then I apply my foundation and concealer with this (my foundation & concealer review). This is the result:


Just the perfect application. My makeup is always flawless. I do prefer it a bit drier than just wetting it, wringing it out and using it straight away. I always find it gives a perfect application two days after I wash it, so it’s still damp, but doesn’t water down my foundation and give less coverage.

That’s another brilliant thing about the beautyblender. You can control the coverage. If you use it once you have wet it and slightly dried it in a towel, it gives an even, lighter coverage. Whereas, if you leave it to dry out a bit, it will provide you with a fuller coverage quicker. Wetting the sponge is supposed to lessen the amount of product you waste, which I think is amazing. Because that is the problem with most other sponges, you probably waste at least a quarter of your product just by it being soaked up by the crappy sponge.

To conclude. I really, really, really think you should give this sponge a try. If you have £20 that you want to try on something new this month. This should be it. Throw out all your brushes, sponges and any other weird things you’re currently applying your makeup with, because this… This. Is. All. You. Need.


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