Mac Pro Longwear foundation & concealer


Ok, so MAC is like my fave makeup brand since like, September… I know. It’s taken me THIS long to realise. Every time I’d get tempted by them, I’d end up trawling through review after review all saying the same thing. It broke them out, it ruined their skin, it wasn’t worth the money.

Pfft. What do they know? It’s actually the only make up to never give me spots. I usually only have to think about layering foundation on and my skin goes cray. I have the most sensitive, ugly skin in the world as you’ll soon see, and I found no negative effect whatsoever. So let’s get into it:

My before...
My before…

I didn’t show my whole face, cause I would die. My skin makes me depressed. This is a good day. Feel sorry for me. Ok, I’m lucky I don’t get a massive bunch of spots, but the redness! The redness gets me down! Let me show you after one layer of the foundation:


Look! It’s virtually covered the redness. This is why I love it. I’m in shade NW15. The foundation retails for £25. The formula is liquid, but it sits tidy on my hand when I’m applying it, so it’s not major runny. I apply it with my beautyBlender (which I will review!) using a stippling motion. It never leaves lines, always goes on smoothly and doesn’t even oxidise throughout the day. MAC claims that the foundation “gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition…” Now I have only tested this in Britain’s weather (sadly), and the longest I have worn it for is 13 hours (I know, shame on me), and I have to say, it would easily last 15 hours. And beyond! It doesn’t melt off your face, it stays where you applied it, all day. I prime my face with NYX cosmetics Studio Perfect Primer in green (damn my redness). I also set it with a NYX product, their HD finishing powder, which is amazing.

The next pic I’ll show you is after I have applied the pro longwear concealer over the top of my foundation:


Redness gone! The concealer was the first MAC product I bought. It retails for £17, but I was lucky to get it in duty free for like a tenner. I’m shade NW20 in the concealer, weirdly a shade darker, but the concealer is lighter in shade when compared to the foundation. I apply the concealer under my eyes and on the redness of my cheeks. I dot it around the areas and then blend in with the beautyBlender again. It never feels cakey, and it never sinks into my pores. This formula is again a liquid, but I find it a lot runnier than the foundation. But no biggie.

The combination of these two products, is probably my favourite ever. I have looked around for literally years for the perfect coverage, always ending up looking too cakey, or too orange. Overall, I’d say, forget buying a different foundation every week trying to find the perfect one. Invest £42 in MAC‘s pro longwear foundation and concealer and be happy forever.


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